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'07 -'08

  Colonel Joshua Howard http://www.joshua.michigandar.net  
  Lansing http://www.lansing.michigandar.net  
  Lucinda Hinsdale Stone http://www.lhsc.michigandar.net  
  Michilimacinac http://www.michmac.michigandar.net  
  Monguagon http://www.monc.michigandar.net  
  Nancy De Graff Toll http://www.toll.michigandar.net  
  Sarah Treat Prudden http://www.prudden.michigandar.net  
  Stoney Creek http://www.stoney.michigandar.net  
  Ottawa http://www.ottawa.michigandar.net  
  Jean Bessac http://www.bessac.michigandar.net  
  Alexander Macomb http://www.macomb.michigandar.net  
  Sashabaw Plains http://www.sashabaw.michigandar.net  
  Rebecca Dewey http://www.dewey.michigandar.net **
  Muskegon (pending National approval) http://www.muskegon.michigandar.net **
  Battle Creek http://www.battlecreek.michigandar.net **
  General Josiah Harmar http://www.harmar.michigandar.net  
  Nipissing http://www.nipissing.michigandar.net **
  Ypsilanti http://www.ypsilanti.michigandar.net **
  Mary Marshall (pending National papproval) http://www.marymarshall.michigandar.net **
  Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton http://www.eshamilton.michigandar.net **

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